Although you have to believe in your own talent to begin with, it does help to be recognized by others, and one such person was Kishore Srivinvas. He chased me for almost a year for a role in this short film. We shot the film, but sadly it didn’t get a release, as have a lot of things I’ve done in the past that don’t see the light of day. Its not always because of quality, there is something that just doesn’t allow. As much as that can be disappointing, you have to set it aside and wait for the next best thing, which happened to be in the form of a German drug addict in Kili Poyi, my first role in a feature film. Granted I was  mumbling whatever German I learnt in school and being kicked about by a Goan cop, but it was start of something. A role I got thanks again to Kishore. There are many people who shape your future, people who can help you drive your passion, and if you have the support of people like those, hold on to them. They are part of what fuels your journey. So here are a few more people worthy of a mention, people who in there own right have become immense talents themselves. The ones that grow around you and add to that motivation that keeps you going. Littil Swayamp Paul (who I collaborated with in creating our own content through writing, voice and acting. He founded Littilworks and is now a sought after director). Sabreen Baker (who came to my assistance in many projects and is now a renowned voice artist and actor) Naveen Kukreja and Vinod Subramaniam (they are the music to my ears. Music producers and directors who have worked on many projects me and together and continue to do so; such as films and documentaries. But I see that they are both on the verge of greater success, because i can see the talent in them). If you think you can walk the path alone, think again. Like attracts like, and collaboration is the key to greater success, even if those paths do eventually differ. what was set before can never be uprooted.