Being a voice means that you are heard, but not seen. I figured that I had to find a way to be seen; to get some exposure. I’m funny, I do make people laugh and I am naturally a performer. But I stopped myself from doing stand-up in England because it was so saturated and I didn’t have the crystal balls then, as I do now. So I went out in search of a comedy venue and they were non-existent. Finally I discovered a place with an ¬† open mic session at a place called Kyra Theatre, I stepped tentatively onto the stage and performed my first five minutes. It went down a storm! This wasn’t an open mic for comics, but for all types of people vying for their fifteen minutes of fame. I along with a Praveen Kumar, were the only comics on stage that night, we gave them a taste of what was yet to come. Later I was to rediscover Praveen when I approached a Sanjay Manaktala, who along with a Sundeep Rao, had established a stand up comedy night at Bacchus and Friends. The four of us performed there for months on end to a growing crowd who were starting to embrace stand-up. Other acts started to appear on that stage, not only from Bangalore, but also from Bombay and Delhi. Needless to say, Praveen, Sanjay and Sundeep are now amongst the top stand up comedians¬†in India, and any comic performing today owe it to these guys for being the pioneers of building the popularity of Indian stand up. Without the properties they first started we would’t have the incredible wealth of talent we have today. I’m just honoured to have been there to witness the start of it.