When I saw my friend Sundeep Rao on stage for one of the earlier shows of The Improv, I thought, I could do that! After a few auditions I was a show away from Chowdiah Memorial Hall, I won’t mention the first, that was a personal disaster. But I went on from there to create some magical moments with my fellow co-actors. I hit it off with Danish Sait, quite literally, in a manhole. You can see that scene along with other magic moments are on my Youtube channel, click on the button above and look for the playlist THE IMPROV. If anything The Improv has been a collection of incredible memorable moments. I have to commend Saad Khan for his excellent eye for talent and the way he has collectively brought that to the stage in a very unique and playful way as the host. Saad and Siddhanth Sundar creation, Sumit Ghosh’s belief, Maaz Khan, Pooja Sampath and Chandni Asnanis’ intensive productive labour that have made this  one of the most popular shows in Bangalore! Soon to be India!

But I am also honoured to have graced the stage (in no particular order) with outstanding talents such as: Sundeep Rao, Vibhinta Verma, Danish Sait, Kenny Sebastian, Richa Kapoor, Siddhanth Sundar, Naveen Kumar, Sumukhi Suresh, Darius Sunawala, Praveen Raj and Abel Mathews.

SAAD: The situation is a foreigner BAR gaining.

ME: What?


ME: huh?

DANISH: (cockney accent) BARGENING!

ME: Ooooh,…Bargaining!

That is the only script you’ll see, because everything else is purely improvised. I can bargain that when you come to watch you’ll go away bearing witness to one of the best stage shows in India!