I ll be honest, I didn’t want to delve into theatre in India because it takes up a lot of effort and time. I know this from the commits I made in England. Then I landed a cameo roll in Tiger Tiger and I caught the bug again. What theatre offers is an immediate impact, a chance to really connect with an audience and feel the electrifying synergy that it creates.. but then again it takes no prisoners, you are what they see and that can be an incredibly vulnerable position to be in. There are no second or third takes and ever performance differs from the last, no matter how exact you know your moves or lines. Its live, and the audience is a unit that defines the state of affairs.

So to quash this desire, I had the fortune of joining The Improv, where I could continue to flout my wares on stage, but with no script, just the power to think on my feet and improvise…..but then I do also love building on characters.

Sometimes your wish is powerful thought, one day, while going for a voice recording, I met Nakul, a fellow voice artist and actor, who introduced me to Prakash Belawadi, a renowned actor and theatre director. After a meeting and play reading, I landed a great part.  His turn over of plays was astoundingly fast and it suited my time restraints. I was inducted into his vision almost immediately, one which also suited my style. I was happy to be molded in whatever role he saw fit, and that initial character was that of Hardy, Ramanujan’s English Mentor. It did take time for it to dawn on me that Hardy was in fact the main character, after all it was called Hardy’s Apology,  and there was a substantial amount of lines. Doubt crept in, I take time to get lines. But right up to the last I fought to give the best performance I could,  within the short amount of time we had, because I knew I had to, and because of beggars belief. If you don’t believe you can, you’ll never; fear not your errors, make them. The outcome is that much more fulfilling. In this case, the performance did not fall short. Regardless of how old you are, every event, every experience, every moment  is a learning curve that has to be embraced no matter how good or bad. Now I look forward to a non Apologetic Hardy in a future show.

The Investigation on the other hand was a walk in the park in comparison.